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What we do:

We work with babies, children and adolescents of the Illawarra to help them achieve their movement goals. We use a child and family centred approach to help children who are struggling with movement so they can join their friends in active play. From understanding children's movement skills, we help them practice the best movement strategies to get them up and going. Twenty years of working with the latest physiotherapy evidence based practice has resulted in many happy movers!

Who Do We Help? 

Babies may be struggling with rolling, crawling or taking their first steps. You may have concerns about your baby's hips, feet or head shape. 

Baby with Toys

Preschoolers:  As your child is starting to explore their world and getting ready for big school we can help with concerns about running, falling over, knock knees or finding the best mobility aide to keep them playing with their friends. 


School children: Off to big school and exploring new sports and the learning environment; your child may need help with persistent pain, keeping up with their friends, moving around the classroom or just sitting still to learn. 


Throughout childhood we work with children with:

  • musculoskeletal problems ( sore heels, feet turning in, head shape issues, etc)

  • neurolodevelopmental conditions (cerebral palsy, autism specturm disorder, ADHD, developmental delay)

  • Genetic and chromosomal conditions: (Down syndrome, chromosomal mutations and deletions.) 

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"Kid you'll move mountains!
You're off to great places.
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So get on your way"
Dr Seuss


Child in Air Yoga
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